Corazon Stone

What is Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is as it sounds;

Attaining to a state of lightness by reducing your load (i.e. mitigate gravity)

Hollow bones in birds is one example

Humans have invented technology to mitigate the effects of gravity on the physical dimension

Propulsion technology in rockets is one example

Western technology has focused on external (physical) enlightenment and has mostly ignored internal (meta-physical) enlightenment

Humans operate under an excessive internal load

Thought-loop processing is one example

There is no distinction between positive or negative thoughts in regards to drag coefficient – however, so called “negative thoughts” fork additional thought processing or “thought loops” which in turn create meta-physical drag

Thought loops are obsessions and humans are addicted to obsessions; having, holding, getting, shedding – did I, should I, will I, won’t I

Identifying as Light or Dark, Good or Bad, Optimistic or Pessimistic is insane – there is no difference at all – they are human notions of non-existent divisions

So, What is Enlightenment?

One step towards enlightenment is to reduce thought-loop processing like obsessing on the Past and fretting about the Future

This is a practice of attaining to neutrality – in other words, accepting experience as it comes (i.e. One Day at a Time)

How do we practice?

Recall a time of contentedness in your mind and body – sit with the feeling-tone as long as it holds then let it go – that’s all

And know that I love you