Corazon Stone

Tantric Practice – Master Time and Free Your Mind

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Your Intellect has you trapped in time – free your mind


What do I mean by this – I suggest you simply contemplate the idea of what you read below – don’t decide or take a position;


What you read, said, heard and believe creates your patterned behaviour – your belief system

More information creates micro-beliefs and micro-behaviours

Micro-beliefs are thoughts – thoughts are objects with little mass but lots of gravity

Each micro-belief requires a position to be resolute – I believe this – I don’t believe that [at the extreme] – but any position is only the same thought object – just shifting in it’s polarity

The entirety of the Known is a finite quantity – we arrived to this state of physical knowledge from the assumption that there is an answer for every question asked – although for each new question asked our ignorance of the topic grows exponentially

Western mentality and science operate under the premise that All can be known – with more time and research

But Time is an artifact created by the intellect – time is necessary for thought-ing

It works like this;

The more thought-ing – the more time – the more time – the more questions – the more questions – the more unknown – the more unknown – the more thought-ing

Our intellect operates in a loop condition perpetuated by the search for an answer – in other words; we search for a belief to explain our experience

But The Answer is not resident in the intellect – it cannot be – because the intellect is a synthetic representation of our universe – the human brain’s finite capacity demands that reality be sampled, weighed, measured and categorized – see “thought-ing” above

Thought is an object and we know how proteins and receptors in the brain work – thought-ing feels great – we desire it constantly – Humanity is addicted to thought-ing

Thought-ing [thinking] and Being [experiencing through the senses] cannot function simultaneously

It’s like observing the view or taking a video of it – can’t do both at once – and the video’s a poor substitute for the Real

We are either operating as a particle [thinking] or as a wave [sensing and flowing] – the particle state is thought-ing – the wave state is intuiting

Humanity is stuck in the density of the particle state – because of our addiction to thought-ing


What to do?


Experience Meditation


Experience Boredom


Experience Love


Experience Joy


That is all – But do it Now – Urgently