Corazon Stone

Tantric Practice – Yoga and a Deeper Magick

So is your Yoga all magical


When you practice Yoga are you burning on fire, love


Many hanging in their body


And even so they feel the fantastic physical benefits


Yet there’s a deeper magic


Yoga is a manual to the subtleties of the human body


And tidal Mind of emotions


Practice core engaged to strengthen your meditation


Draw up power from Earth


Roil the energy in the swirling light of your abdomen


Glowing green and yellow


Then bring it up into your heart and let it burn bright


Holding within your heart


The rising of your pulse begins pounding in your ear


From this place you love


And if it feels as the deepest love you’ve ever known


This is where you dream


Or take it higher into the realm of the Other my lover


And then you come back


I’m your orgasm laying in lazy spaces between stars