Corazon Stone

Tantric Contemplation – Western Science and Ancient Intuition

The masculine aspect of Western scientific method continues to penetrate, investigate and co-create – fascinating and fruitful – however, ultimately defeatist – Full disclosure; my “day job” is that of a scientist and engineer – so I co-exist in Maya everyday – and I love it – I find such “dichotomy” entertaining and illuminating – but I’m also a Super Horse Aquarius ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Scientific process is a system of belief which is founded on the presumption that for every question asked there is an answer – let’s consider this deeply within our meditations – for each new question asked our lack of understanding increases exponentially – this is not to vilify the scientific method – on the contrary, I’d be out of a job – Science chases behind the feminine aspect of Existence attempting to capture, weigh and synthesize – realize all that needs be understood is fully understood already – no search is required


Scan the article excerpt included;

Science has discovered “handedness” at the molecular level

Tantra intuited “handedness” many thousands of years earlier


Some molecules, including most of the ones in living organisms, have shapes that can exist in two different mirror-image versions. The right- and left-handed versions can sometimes have different properties, such that only one of them carries out the molecule’s functions.

In this case, the phenomenon of “handedness,” known as chirality, occurs not in the structure of the molecules themselves, but in a kind of patterning in the density of electrons within the material.

Within those layers, the distribution of electrons forms a “charge density wave function,” a set of ripple-like stripes of alternating regions where the electrons are more densely or less densely packed. These stripes can then form helical patterns, like the structure of a DNA molecule or a spiral staircase, which twist either to the right or to the left.

Ordinarily, the material would contain equal amounts of the right- and left-handed versions of these charge density waves, and the effects of handedness would cancel out in most measurements. But under the influence of the polarized light, Ma says, “we found that we can make the material mostly prefer one of these chiralities. And then we can probe its chirality using another light beam.” It’s similar to the way a magnetic field can induce a magnetic orientation in a metal where ordinarily its molecules are randomly oriented and thus have no net magnetic effect.

But inducing such an effect in the chirality with light within a solid material is something “nobody ever did before,” Gedik explains.