Corazon Stone

Tantra – Quantity vs Quality [part b]

It’s understandable humanity chooses to dwell in synthesized reality – a projection of the intellect – centuries of sideways programming force-fed to us by so-called “religions” and society have mansplained away our intuitive quest for truth and distracted humanity by infecting our juvenile (but highly valuable) intellect with the notion of punitive omnipotence, possessions and hierarchy


Everyday most of humanity operates from a focal point of comparative evaluation; like or dislike – good or bad – right or wrong – review your daily choices and actions to see if it’s true


Let’s conduct a thought experiment – close your eyes and ask yourself; What is the taste of chocolate?


Immediately our intellect recalls past experience and formulates an answer – an opinion is formed – a position is taken [good or bad / like or dislike] – which we are prepared to defend – and for what useful purpose – are humans incapable of simply enjoying the experience of taste without classification?


In a meditative state we may realize the olfactory system does not quantify taste as good or bad – taste is not a quantity and can’t be reduced into quantifiable terms – taste is a quality – it’s an immeasurable, experiential phenomena – do you understand or did you miss it?


The [masculine] intellect is a highly advanced biological system which instantly interprets and presents a facsimile of the original [feminine] inquiry – stripped of sensuality – so a quantified position statement can be categorized and stored for quick reference


The intellect [and the intellectual] takes center stage and barks out answers without raising it’s hand or even understanding the nature of the question – humanity has become lazy – so we accept the answers like mindless robots – (mind you, I am not for or against the intellect)


Qualities – such as Love and Compassion – cannot be processed in their true form via the intellect


Humans have been coached, coerced, and constrained to a life of quantitative comparing, deciding and consuming – nearly to the extinction of our sensuality and uniquely-human gift of experiential understanding


What is the antidote?