Corazon Stone

Mirrors Become Glass

Tantra – Mirrors Become Glass

When I Am Reflects Other
And Other reflects I Am
Mirrors become Glass
Glass becomes Mist
Mist becomes Ether
What remains?

What do I mean when I say – Mirrors Become Glass

Consider Law of Attraction

You’ve attracted a Lover [Other] who reflects your power

What happens when you’re both agitated?

If your loved one is anxious – you feel it too – it’s unspoken

Waves of disruption cause chaos

Energy waves (imagine ripples in a pond) are either disruptive or entrancing

Disruptive waves are chaotic, disharmonious reflections – from you – to you – outwards

Entrained waves are harmonious amplifications – from you – to you – outwards

When you’re calm and loving you can soothe another by holding them near and against you (scientific fact)

How do we return to our Center of Stillness & Harmony?

Allow waves of agitation to pass directly through – Mirrors Become Glass

Realize your heart rate and blood pressure increase when in Anxiety or in Love

Simply switch from thoughts of anxiety towards thoughts of being deeply in Love

The energy transmutes from chaotic, disruptive waves into entrancing, Loving waves

Glass becomes Mist

With practice of meditation and deep intimacy – our waves align and merge

They amplify and harmonize

Fear of intimacy prevents humans from entering subtle layers of entrained Love waves

When our waves are entrained – we experience Oneness – Bliss – Harmony of Self & Other

Inside the experience it’s difficult to distinguish between Self & Other

We pass seamlessly – without emotional barriers into Union

Mist becomes Ether

Separations of Self and Other fall away and pure tonality of harmonious Bliss is attained

What Remains?


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