Corazon Stone

Stress is Unholy

Stress is Unholy

In other words – Stress itself is Heretical to all forms of Holiness

What do I mean;

The physiologic event that is stress and the meta-physical state of “Holiness” are mutually exclusive [in the status quo of humanity] – that is to say, stress consumes the potential of your present moment awareness and when doing so your operating condition is fractured and not wholly / holy aligned – you are unholy

On Holiness;

Holiness is not some pie-in-the-sky ideal, on the contrary, it’s a very human entitlement and a condition of operating at peak efficiency and conservation of energy without distraction or subterfuge

Wholeness (holiness) is an experience / perspective of any given situation with objective observation and without reaction – this is the state you experience when you say, “I got clarity”, etc.

How did Human stress eclipse Holiness?

Warriors, hucksters, mercenaries and politicians have all leveraged an exploit of human cognition since time immemorial – that is to say, the intellectual process of assigning weight and priority to objects and events is easily hacked and attacked

Just like a mobbing a website until the server crashes (DDOS), the intellect can be attacked and disabled in the same manner and technique

Additionally, the intellect assigns more weight and priority to events which appear to be of greater magnitude, scale and urgency (sensationalism) and again becomes overloaded with incoming stimuli and crashes

What happens when the intellect crashes – it has a few recovery methods;

  • do nothing / remain shut down
  • react immediately and often disproportionately
  • initiate a processing loop (e.g. obsess)
  • seek distraction

So if a hostile (or a friend, or merchant) wants to get partial or complete control of your intellect, they hit you with stress inducing stimulus – invoking a call to action

The war of exploitation is being waged against you right now – and you are holding your self prisoner

What can you do?

Close the exploit – eliminate stress – don’t make this hard