Corazon Stone

RoboRock Vacuum

Robotic Vacuum for Short-Term Rentals

First, can I just say…I  ❤️  my little robo-droid vacuum cleaner!

Admittedly, I was on the sidelines for a long time – even as I heard great things about robotic, battery powered vacuum cleaners

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from friends and colleagues over the years how much they like their robotic vacuums, I just wasn’t sold

I’ve watched videos and seen them live and was not impressed

But late last year (2020) prices dropped enough that I decided it was time to field test a robo-vac myself

I picked a model with basic features out-of-the-box, but with upgrade options (i.e. wet/dry floor cleaner kit)

Most if not all of the robo-vacs would like an internet connection and to be associated with yet another app and account – but no thank you

I wanted a model that will charge-up and with a simple press of the button – off it goes about it’s biz

I found this simple and reasonably priced model – and I highly recommend it

Whether you’re a homeowner, or short-term vacation rental operator like me – this model is great!

Just empty the bin once before you press start and let it go

You may want to space your furniture so that the roborock can more easily slip between peices

What’s particularly excellent is this little droid will buzz right underneath the beds in your bedroom and most chairs and sofas in your shared areas

When the dust bin fills up, it’s very vocal about the need to be emptied

The mechanical pieces; roller brush, dust bin, filter are very easily removed and cleaned

No technical experience whatsoever is required

When it’s done cleaning up the room it finds it’s way back to the charging station automagically

Rosie the Robot

Rosie the Robot