Corazon Stone

Life is a Chair of Bowlies – And Narcissists

Searching for the One

Who will you find

But you

Let me explain;
It isn’t about “reflection”, it’s about transmission and reception

If you’re seeing a narcissist in your partner it’s simply because you have the same resonance – you can “see” this operational frequency of behavior because you’re owning and operating in the frequency band too, Holmes


It’s only a tiny percentage of humanity who can suck it up buttercup and deal, Holmes

Now – you all “i own my shit”

You’re a narcissist

Thing is; Humans must pass through narcissism – full-on

Through the extreme of Self-gluttony and Self-contentment comes the child to realize he’s taken all the balls from the playground – and he’s left alone with them now – there’s no kids left on the playground

If you’re of good fortune you accept truth quickly and go into it deeply – find Grace and gratitude for this soul mate who is helping you see yourself – your operating frequency

Their narcissism is now solely their business and not yours, Holmes

Just say – ok

Just share a 👍🏽

You got kids – deal

This ain’t special or new

You just love the shit outta those kids – touch them – hug them strong – tell them they came from the deepest of both your love

And know that I love you