Corazon Stone


Each and every human is an unique collection of sensory systems

Each sensory system weighs, measures and samples experience and passes results on for storage (quantization)

The process of quantization in each human forms an instance of unique subjectivity (perspective)

From this single point of perspective a notion of Self and Other is fabricated

The human sensory system is only capable of quantizing physical experience and so this notion of Self and Other is representative of only the external – an individual “container”

A container shapes the form but does not define the contents within

A container is of the physical, quantized realm

Individualism is a bounded notion of separation from anything that is not identified by the quantization process as Self


You may find it ironic that the root of the word “individual” stems from “indivisible” or undivided

This is not duplicitous – the word individual – in itself – contains an embedded reference to the unbounded and undivided Nature of humanity