Corazon Stone

Become Love

You may believe you must find a lover, partner, child or family to enrich and share your Love

You have been told to shine forth from your heart chakra and this will bring love to you

Love cannot be manufactured and distributed

Love is like a flame – once ignited a million flames may be lit from this sole flame – yet the original flame is not diminished

Firstly, the flame must burn within your own heart enough to warm your hearth – your inner sanctum

If your flame of Love is smoldering fumes – this is what you will share with your lover – foul smoke and soot

Grow Love from within


Recall the sensation of love in your body

Let it flood your vessel and warm your hearth stones

Let it pulsate so hard your heart feels to explode

Let it fill the room until your eardrums throb

Now you feel – my Love